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General terms and conditions

2016, October 15th



  • The WHOLESALESCAN mainly resellers, retailers, service companies and international service is available subject to payment of a fee.


  • The Partners datasheet their own bids to edit and modify


  • The Partners' bids to publish in multiple languages


  • Partners are responsible for the information they include in


  • View this page, browse to visitors free of charge and not subject to registration


1. Introduction


The WHOLESALESCAN terms and conditions Regulations (hereinafter: Rules, Terms and Conditions) of Primesell Ltd. (H-1148 Budapest, Angol u 43 AS 1,..) (Hereinafter: Service) operated by WHOLESALESCAN website (nagykerkereso.hu, wholesale search engine. com , wholesalescan.com , grosshandelsuche.com , trgovacnaveliko.com , cautareengros.com ,   velkoobchodnalezcu.com , ricercaingrosso.com  , hurtowy.com , (hereinafter: WHOLESALESCAN ) available online marketing, advertising and other conditions and rules of ancillary services within the contained .


the scope of these Terms and Conditions of Service Web pages and subdomains of relationships covered. Constantly present GTC is available from the following website: https://www.nagykerkereso.hu/aszf

This document was created on the basis of the contract will not be filed, will be concluded by electronic means only, does not constitute a written contract is written in Hungarian (but available to translate adaptations made by it), it does not refer to a code of conduct.

2. Data Service


The service provider's name : Primesell Ltd.

The service headquarterse: H-1148 Budapest utca 43. English as first

Contact your service provider, to take customers to liaise regularly used e-mail address: info@nagykerkerso.hu

Registration number:

Tax number:

Name Registry licensing authority: Metropolitan Court

Phone: +3614453139

Data Protection Registration Number: wait ...


The contract is written in Dutch, but the reverse is available by Google Translate adaptations as well.


The hosting provider Data:

Company:   . MAXER Hosting Ltd 
Headquarters:   9024 Győr, rape u. 24. 
Business Address:  9024 Győr, rape u. 24. 
Address:  1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo u. 18-22. 
Company registration number:  08-09-013763 
VAT number:  13670452-2-08 
The Service official website:  https://maxer.hu 
E-mail:  support@maxer.hu 
Phone:  (+36) 1257 9913 
Fax: (+36) 1 700 1951


3. Definitions


  1. Partner: The partner is a collective term for a legal or natural person (entrepreneur), who primarily serve retailers and WHOLESALESCAN services you order this

trade, profession or business activities among independent service provider is a contract. The Partner will be published on the website offers visitors to the site users.


  1. Visitor / Customer: the natural person, legal person or unincorporated organization who can view, enter, or any other way, regardless of the demand hosted on their website that this statement or not.

Surf the web freely. Partners can view the data sheets, offers and include them in the information.



  1. Individual Contract is an agreement between a supplier and a partner (contractor) individual agreement, which includes non-regulated GTC essential content of the contract, mutual and consistent expression of the will of the parties.


  1. Advertisement: Commercial appearance, with the costs being paid by the Service Provider Partner.


  1. Intermediary service provider: provider of an information society service provider who in this case Primesell Kft.


  1. Broadcast services via the website placed by the Partner's products or services to view and purchase, take advantage of, or is required informal purpose, content and access to the users.

4. Terms and Conditions and scope of modification


  1. The present Terms and Conditions of website use all the contractual relationship and the scope of services provided in respect of related conditions define the rights and obligations, as well as other services, of the parties.


  1. The present GTC covers all users (Users and Partners). The present GTC provisions require or authorize the provider and the users are all representative, successor or assigns.


  1. questions of this Policy is not regulated, and the interpretation of these Rules of the Hungarian law, in particular with regard to certain aspects of the Law on the Civil Code 2013 V ( "Civil Code.") and electronic commerce services and information society services 2001 CVIII. provisions relating to (avoid. tv.) Act. mandatory provisions of applicable law, the parties to govern without a specific stipulation.


  1. The present Terms and Conditions remain in full force and effect until withdrawn by the 15th of October 2016. The GCC refers established before the entry into force of legal relations service, meaning that the Users and Partners of the present GTC provisions for each service order, or they accept the extension of time.


  1. The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend the GTC, with prior notice to users affected by the change. The amendments to the Service Provider fifteen (15) days before their entry into force publishes the website. The new service customer consuming part of the modified Terms and Conditions shall become effective on the date of the communication. Users and Partners offer the service at the same time - even if no contract Provider - agree to these Terms and Conditions provisions.


6. User and Partner, if you enter is operated by the Service Provider, or you can read its contents in any way - even if you are not registered to use the website, available in the Code be bound by itself. If the User and Partner does not accept the terms, you do not have permission to view the contents of the website.

5. General Provisions


  1. The Service Provider reserves all rights to the website, any of its details and the content displayed on the map as well as the dissemination of the web with respect.


  1. Download prohibited content or any installment on the website, electronic storage, processing and sales without the written consent of the Service Provider. The site and its database of any material can be taken over only with the written consent is the case here by reference.


  1. Given that the website's content, regardless of the service provider will also change, and that the content provided for information only - where laws provide otherwise - the Service Provider is not responsible for the accuracy of website content, reliability of.


  1. The Service Provider shall not be liable published or transmitted content created by third parties that are spent on third parties / or a third party on behalf of the Service Provider to add a system or site to which reference is made.


  1. The Service Provider shall not be liable as well as the website on which are placed by the Partners content, links, etc show. If the link published in this way in connection with any problem arises, Provider excludes any liability in every respect.


  1. The Service reserves the right to change the website content at any time, modify or discontinue the availability of the occupied GTC compliance.


  1. The Service does not guarantee that access to the website smoothly. The access provider can not be attributed the mistakes of the Service for any damages arising from malfunction of more than 90% annual availability to undertake responsibility for the Service excludes.


6. Responsibilities


  1. The WHOLESALESCAN operation of the Service as an intermediary, the Ekrtv. carried out according to the provisions. Provider does not assume any liability for WHOLESALESCAN , ads, calls to action, offers and other deals and concluded on the basis of these agreements or any contract concluded by the lack of, and in connection with the termination of the service fault or not his -n published.


  1. Service will make every effort in order given by the firms (Partners) The website to ensure accuracy and completeness, however, assumes no responsibility for any damage Provider arising from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information contained in the website.


  1. The user of the website available materials rely solely on your own risk. You acknowledge that any changes in materials and information contained in this site is also your responsibility to monitor.


  1. Provider of web services and websites have to assume the operation of 90% uptime. Parties exclude Provider's liability in excess of that margin of error for downtime or other disturbance. These obligations are excluded from access and other operational functions provided by different service providers. The Service can not be attributed, and collaboration with other services performed for malfunctions, access to the Supplier shall not be liable for any errors.


  1. except as required by law in the web content / sent jogtisztaságáért provided by the Partner and the Partner Service User shall exclusively bear the responsibility.


  1. Content, visualization of information on the reality of material published on this site are solely responsible for the Partner. The Provider disclaims all liability for damages or disadvantages, loss of profit, which WHOLESALESCAN from -n placed materials, including damage caused by a third party. In addition, Service Provider accepts no liability for any damage arising from the use of the system, or any other manifestation of a disturbance or behavior of any infringement, including intellectual property rights.


  1. The service does not interfere in disputes, transactions between users and partners, the development of any dispute, the Partner and User exempts the Service Provider from any claims, demands and redress.


  1. If the WHOLESALESCAN at the request of the Partner published or made available to infringing content, you can remove infringing content on the Service without notice.


  1. If the WHOLESALESCAN on third party support or authority or court proceedings, the contact for all costs and damages incurred by such claims or procedures regarding compensation for assuming the claim regarding content published or made available at the request of the Partner. Also assume that in order to regain the good reputation of doing everything that it was entitled to expect from the Service, requests and demands.


  1. The User is obliged to use the services of a legal and legitimate purposes and ways.


  1. The Partner acknowledges that the Service will not post content that conflicts with laws of Hungary or breach of the Hungarian Code of Advertising Ethics and the Internet code of ethics.


  1. The Service will not post any content that is unlawful / morally objectionable activities include, advertise, or that are not based on real data.


  1. Internet access is required to access the service and the necessary equipment (hardware and software, and their proper settings) to ensure the user's task.


  1. A full Partner is liable for claims against the Provider for any claims, which validates against the Service Provider Partner in conjunction with third-party activities.


  1. Partner acknowledges and agrees that the placement of content, context - the order is determined by the Service - including the content of advertisements placed next to it. Other placement of content on the same page in the Partner can not complain, demand for content from other közvetett- or in the immediate vicinity - even competitors - advertising with regard to attach.


  1. The Partner and User acknowledges that given by the other partners on the Site email addresses are not eligible for promotional or other messages that violate the Service Provider business interests or reputation to send. The Service business also against the interests of any particular message that is different from the purpose of the e-mail made public. If it does so, it is considered a breach of contract by the Parties and the Partner Provider is obliged to pay a penalty. The amount of the fee will be £ 1,000,000. Ie one million Forint / e-mail address.


  1. Partner data sheet (only after login and can only be viewed for a contact) hits meter shall not be liable in respect of services among the ads on viewing specific information. The number of statistically recorded views do not necessarily correspond to the number of persons who viewed the ad. The ad-viewing data Viewing the same person several times and have generated by other devices, such as "Robots", "worms" .. In this respect, there is no information.


7. Use of Service and the fees


  1. The site features a non-contact Users (visitors) for free.


  1. Partner users with unique electronic signs a contract with the Service for the purpose of the ad is shown / publication / operation.


  1. Partner of the basic registration services voluntarily, individually and / or advertising can order the organizers in collaboration WHOLESALESCAN for this purpose all surface websites. Additional ( Extra ) services and the NAGYKER locator can be ordered with a unique identification client gateway websites offline.


  1. Customer Partner expressly acknowledges that met the essential characteristics fee, quantity or duration of the service, the rights of the provider and the customer contact, obligations, they are accepted and as electronically created contractual elements binding as bound by pressing the order button .


  1. Service price: Gross sent the same button that appears next to the order and the confirmation e-mail service charge otherwise specified Hungarian Forint or where the currency is selected, it can be expressed in other currencies, which includes the applicable VAT.


  1. The Partner Users of the service for a fee, the charges will appear next to the description of the services.


  1. Partner Program: The authorized customer service Partner, Partner Program benefits account, which provides for a discount on the order basic service fee. The partner program participation by checking the checkbox Partner declares that sent the order confirmation e-mail WHOLESALESCAN logo and web address ( http://nagykerkereso.hu displays within 8 working days) ie banner on the web and social networks from the date of order and the WHOLESALESCAN service Showing leave to using it. Therefore checkbox next to the displayed% discount on the registration fee are entitled to, which automatically draws down a service charge végösszegéből. If Partner fails to comply with the obligations undertaken, it is considered a service and result in the suspension of the reimbursement of the amount of the discount in breach of this agreement.


  1. Using the Partner awards granted under the prepayment request sent by the only means of payment services (mainly transfer, cash in bank, online payment by credit card via Simplepay) can settle out. The toll associated with the service after successful payment immediately, but within 2 business days after the arrival activated by your service provider.


  1. The Partner ordered service fee is required to pay within 8 days Provider is entitled to interest for late payment of the 8-day charge. 1/356 of the default interest rate is double the daily base rate.


  1. The order value is sent to the Partner prepayment request, using a guaranteed payment methods (mainly transfer, cash in bank, online payment via credit card, via Simplepay) can settle out in the same order and at the same familiar service charge. On the day of crediting the Service Provider Partner, draw up and send it electronically to the contact given at registration e-mail address of the origin of the e-invoice.



  1. The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally change the service charges without prior notice. The change does not affect their performance fees and the already ordered services.


  1. The user fee paid by the Service Provider will not be refunded unless the provision of toll services remains a reason attributable to the Service Provider, or about the parties individually have.


  1. Description of Services:


  1. Basic registration:


The WHOLESALESCAN provides an online platform where retailers serving businesses (wholesale, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, importers and other business services such as .: logisztika..stb.) May be published:

  • enterprise logo (1)
  • Business name
  •  e-mail address (mobile device for direct e-mail link available)
  • phone number (mobile device directly call option)
  • their social networks (direct link)
  • Map display addresses (mobile device routing options)
  • About their choice of four languages
  • distributed brands, products selected four languages.
  • businesses and photographs of their products (of up to 10 pieces)
  • online or in PDF árlistájukat
  • designate if private individuals they serve
  • designate if dropshipping sales are involved

After registration, an additional Extras can make use of services (wholesale more I participated, with special offers, search page banner, Promote).

Registration fee after the service is activated and the choice of crediting period of a week.


  1. Additional, extra services:


  • More business application

In case of registration for a further expansion of shops (data sheets), for the same operator's network business.

The bottom of the sheets' additional wholesale store "button is also displayed.

A service charge subscribers a basic registration fee payer. The resulting order form can not contain any third-party data, only the customer's own benefit and utilize available.


A service charge is then activated and the choice of crediting period of time, up to a maximum validity period of the base register holds . If the third party assigns the benefit of the service will be canceled immediately, under penalty of losing charge.




B, Pre-Ranking

your search result page for your business, taking into account the selection criteria (country, region, category, narrowing category) will be in the first place. In the meantime, it will be in the first place, while others do not assign this service, in this case, your business is in the second or third fourth ... etc. It will be restored.


C-Side banner Search

The search page (hit list) and place a banner on the special offers page sidebar menu.

The banner can include image or logo of a specific product wholesale and image size of up to 20% of the text.

Users can click on the banner, then your info site opens.

The banner may not advertise third party offer, only to be used as the core registration holder. Small and young people to protect not promote alcohol, tobacco or erotic products.


The banner will be displayed kategóriacélzással countries and a maximum of 60 pieces / country / category following amounts of each, rollably. For non-restricted searches banners appear randomly follow one another, rollably.


In the case of a mobile device viewing appears at the bottom of search results, following each other, rollably.


A service charge is then activated and the choice of crediting period of time, but not more than the basic registration validity period of a week.


D. Special Offer

1pc ads with pictures appearing on the special offer menu. 

you can specify the offer addresses (eg .: truck to sport shoes)

  • (Eg .: import unisex sports shoes in various colors and sizes by truck to 1EURO takeaway / piece, taking over the premises in Budapest possible)

and an annual bid 1 photos.

Users can click on if the offer is enlarged and displayed, which can choose to close down or move it to your profile page. Special offers are displayed at the bottom of your datasheet also.

The offer will be displayed by country and kategóriacélzással and selection criteria.

The special offer can not be allowed to promote third party offer, only to be used as the core registration holder. Small and young people to protect not promote alcohol, tobacco, energy drinks, or erotic products.


Those users who have configured their mobile devices, according to the RSS channel offers special category of informing about the offer immediately.

A service charge is then activated and the choice of crediting period of time, but not more than the basic registration validity period of a week.




E. Extension

Fund or additional business registration renewal

Existing registrations extend the time period chosen.

The service fee after the crediting period is activated and added to the original duration.


8. Refusal of Service


  1. The Service does not publish or loss of a fee here is the right to remove any content that is misleading as it gives the impression that the content of the advertised product or service is supported by the Service Provider.


  1. The Service shall also be refused if the technical reasons can not be fulfilled, or violates any provision of these Terms and Conditions. The GCC already been published and the appearance of violating the provisions of content suspend the Service without notice.


  1. Where a user's bankruptcy, liquidation or winding-up proceedings are brought, the Service Provider is entitled to refuse the provision of new services.


  1. A denial of service simultaneously with the Service User is entitled immediately to terminate the contract of all, that in case of refusal under this section, the performance of the Supplier for any damages or warranty shall not be liable.


  1. Partner may advertise only products manufactured, distributed, sold, or otherwise by you on the site. Service Partner is not entitled to order, use or utilize third party's benefit. The Service Provider is entitled to delete such content, Partnership for under penalty of losing charge without prior notice.


  1. Partner if you order a special product advertising options (search sidebar banner (main image ads or special offers) to small and juvenile protection order can not promote alcohol, energy drink or erotic products. If partners play such content for special advertising surfaces entitled to Service deleted without notice Partner for under penalty of losing charge.


  1. Service provider is entitled to cancel the registration if the partner does not publish the data sheet of the real conditions, the activities of relevant information, for example, do not select the relevant category, and appropriate action can not play fel..stb. In such a case shall be entitled to cancel the advertising content without prior notice Service Partner Award for the pain of loss.


9. Copyright


  1. The Service Provider reserves all rights in WHOLESALESCAN websites, their contents and any details that appear, as well as the dissemination of the web with respect.


  1. After WHOLESALESCAN , a website constitutes a copyright work, is prohibited WHOLESALESCAN content or download any portion thereof (copied, reproduced), otherwise use, electronic storage, processing and sales without the written consent of the Service Provider's website appears.


  1. The WHOLESALESCAN Web sites and its database of any material can be taken over only with the written consent is the case here by reference.


  1. The Service Provider reserves all rights to all the elements of the service, the domain-names, those skilled in the secondary domain names and Internet advertising surfaces. utilization of services does not result in any circumstances, that the source code for anyone to decrypt, reverse, or otherwise violate the rights of the Service Provider's intellectual property.


  1. It is also forbidden to WHOLESALESCAN websites content or adaptation or disassembly of parts; unfairly by the establishment of user IDs and passwords; Use any application that enables WHOLESALESCAN website or any part thereof may be modified or indexed (eg. web spider or any other decryption).


  1. The WHOLESALESCAN name are protected by copyright, only the use of the Service written consent of with the exception of the reference.


  1. User parts of the site for their own use from the hard disk can save or print, but in this case does not become entitled to your website so that reproduced part of the further use, distribute, to copy, adapt, a database storing downloadable item in the market the content to commercialization .

10. Privacy Policy


The WHOLESALESCAN data management Information is available from https://nagykerkereso.hu/privacy

11. Agreement between the establishment and the scope and the Service Partner


The first qualifying Partner Provider of services to a contract concluded by an order online by filling out and sending. The contract is created from the day when the Partner in the order form completely filled out and accepted the Terms and Conditions provisions of the service fees paid in full, the Service is activated the service.


2. A service charge payments by the partners of the Service as explicit request to start the service.


3. The activation of services, namely the creation of a Service Contract sends an electronic notification to Partner.


4. User acknowledges that if the electronic registration form given incorrect information or was it not your own data, the Treaty is invalid.


5. Severability fee for services rendered Partner and Service Provider shall pay the amount already paid by the Service Provider will not be refunded.

  1. Rights and obligations of Parties


1. The Service agrees to keep the Partner provides its services if the Partner fulfills the conditions to receive services in accordance with the GTC be maintained.


2. For Services to activate the fee-based services required for receipt of the fee to a service provider.


3. Partner Service charge for the service provided for the respective current rate of duty payable. In all cases, service fees paid in advance.


4. The payment is considered to be achieved when the Provider's bank account will be credited in full. A further condition of performance that the toll be the same receiver in the services account.


5. Provision of the service is terminated or the time period fixed in the order flow. For an indefinite time service of the notice period for both parties, ordinary notice of 30 days, extraordinary notice (eg. bad performance) with immediate effect, but a maximum of two working days.

13. The other requirements placed by the Partner site / content supplied for this purpose


  1. The website placed ad can not have content that


• violation of the law, and this is suspected,

• copyrights, moral rights, piety right to offend,

• unduly containing incomplete or does not provide enough information

• the rights to data protection is violated, environment, nature and harmful behavior encourages product / service with the facts manifestly incorrect data,

• advertise goods, whose manufacture or placing Bringing prohibited or legally restricted or

• weapons, ammunition, explosives and public safety advertising is particularly dangerous devices PROHIBITED

• Do not cause indignation page for user content, use of slang or vulgar expressions, location

• Do not competing vendors, partners, or suppliers of products, services, defamation, comparison.

• Do not advertise on behalf of third parties.


  1. Partner acknowledges that WHOLESALESCAN website it positioned / or this purpose, the transmitted carrier data, content, information liable, and the present GTC-in or an ad containing unlawful administrative procedure and the Service immediately being suspended after Partner for under penalty of losing charge.


  1. Partner may advertise only products manufactured, distributed, sold, or otherwise by you on the site. Service Partner is not entitled to order, use or utilize third party's benefit. The Service Provider is entitled to delete such content, Partnership for under penalty of losing charge without prior notice.


  1. If the partner's profile, alcohol, energy drinks or products advertised erotic content, so the interests of small and juvenile protection, only after confirming the user's age, at the express request of the user is displayed.


  1. Partner if you order a special product advertising options (search page banner (highlighted able to offer), or special offers ... etc) in order to protect small and juveniles can not promote alcohol, energy drink or erotic products. If partners play such content for special advertising surfaces, it is entitled to cancel without prior notice Service Partner for under penalty of losing charge.


  1. We are not obliged to control the content of the information it transmitted, stored, made available, nor to any facts or circumstances to look for that indicate illegal activities, but in case of any offense shall be entitled to the GTC to stop ads, delete without prior notification to the Partner or has the right to suspend the services without notice or eliminate over with my partner, Partner award for pain of loss.

14. Service responsibility as an intermediary


The responsibility of the intermediary services CVIII 2001. TV. 7-12. § Your prevail. The legislation is available at: http://net.jogtar.hu/jr/gen/hjegy_doc.cgi?docid=A0100108.TV


15. Right of withdrawal



1. The right of withdrawal does not have the legal person or unincorporated business is not acting on a trade, profession or business activities among independent, orders the service. (PTK 685.§ d)


2. Detailed rules on contracts between the European Parliament and of the Council 2011/83 / EU directive, as well as the consumer and the business 45/2014. Under Government Decree regulating. (II.26.) of the ordered products User withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days of receipt, you can return the product ordered. User is entitled to present information in the absence of one year has elapsed exercise the right of withdrawal.


3rd time exercise of this right from the day open to expire after 14 days from the date on which user or indicated by a third party other than the carrier takes over the product.


4. User can also exercise the right of withdrawal during the day of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of product from


5. The cost of returning the product to be borne by the consumer, not the Partner has agreed to bear the cost of this.


6. The exercise of the right of withdrawal, the User outside of the returning products in other expense not be charged, however Partner demand compensation for damage to property resulting from improper use.


7. User is not entitled to a right of withdrawal for a product not prefabricated, which was based on the consumer's request or instructions expressed by or for a product that is clearly tailored to the customer personally.


8. The consumer also can not exercise the right of withdrawal


· In a contract for the provision of the service after the completion of service as a whole, when the company started delivering the consumer's prior express consent of the consumer and noted that following the completion of the Service as a whole loses its right of termination;

· Any product or service in respect of which the price or fee will depend on the possible fluctuation under the control of the money market business, the exercise of the right of withdrawal deadline for;

· Quality of perishable or short-term storage products;

· Packaged product in an enclosed, which can not be returned after the resolution of health or hygiene reasons after the surrender;

· Any product in respect of which by their nature are inextricably compound after the surrender of other products;

· An alcoholic beverage in respect of which the actual value of the control of the company is dependent on market fluctuations, and whose price the parties have agreed in the sales contract is signed, but the execution of the contract will take place only after the thirtieth day after conclusion;

· In the case of a contract, where the consumer is looking at the express request of the consumer business for the purpose of carrying out urgent repairs or maintenance;

· Sealed packaging voice, or video recordings or computer software and selling copies of respect if, after the transfer of the customer opened the package;

· Newspapers, journals and periodicals, with the exclusion of subscription contracts;

· For contracts concluded at a public auction;

· In the case of contract provides for accommodation, transportation, car rental, catering or leisure services related to when the performance deadline or time limit specified in the contract except for residential purpose ended up;

· Digital content to the non-tangible media with regard to when the company started the consumer's prior express consent of the performance and the consumer this consent at the same time expressed its involvement to note that after the commencement of the performance loses his right of withdrawal.


9. After coming back from a contact in your product / or the arrival of a statement of withdrawal under that legislation immediately, but no later than within 14 days reimburse the amount paid to the User, including shipping charges.


10. The refund payment method used in the original transaction used the same method of payment, unless other means of payment User expressly gives consent; For the application of this method refund User any additional costs not charged.


11 User 14 days from the date of Affiliate is required for the goods referred to it without undue delay, but it's withdrawal from the contract notice no way to return later fired at or Partner.


12. User will comply with the time limit if sent back before the expiry of a period of 14 days, or hand over the product (s).


13. The consumer shall only the direct cost of returning the product, unless the partner has agreed to bear the cost of this.


14. The Partnership is not required to reimburse the user of the additional costs arising expensive than the usual mode of transport offered by the partner of choice of transport mode.


15. User shall only be liable for diminished value of the commodities that occurred when the goods is due to the nature, characteristics and functioning to determine the need altogether different treatment.


16. Partner of the refund as long withhold until you have received the product (s) or User has not provided evidence to the effect that they are sent back: whichever is the earlier date should be taken into account.


17. If the user wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, an indication may do so in one partner's contact in writing (including the attached sheet), or by phone. Marking the occasion in writing by post is considered the date of posting, signal indicator on your phone and on the occasion of the phone. Recommended Partner accepts signals in case of recorded delivery mail alert, as the package. The product ordered by mail, courier service or help to return the user's Partner.


18. Users should be a priority focus of the intended use of the product, as compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the user! Within fourteen days of the return of the product specified by the user's bank account Partner will reimburse the purchase price of the product, along with the shipping costs.


On rules of 19 contracts between consumers and businesses 45/2014. Government Decree. (II.26.) Here can be achieved.


20 Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council here can be achieved.


21 User other complaint can search for contacts for partners located in these Rules.


22. The right of withdrawal does not belong to the company, namely a legal person or company without legal personality, who acts as a trade, profession or business activities among independent, orders the service.


 Annex 45/2014. (II. 26.) Korm.

Cancellation / Termination model declaration

(Just fill it out and return it in case of cancellation / termination intent of the contract)

Addressee:3   ................................................................................................................................................... ...........................................................................

The undersigned / We declare / declare that I practice / exercise of withdrawal / cancellation my right / our right to the following Product / s contracts for sales of goods or the provision of services in respect of the following:4




Date of Date of contract / receipt:5


The name of the customer (s):


Address of consumer (s):


The consumer (s) Signature (for statements made on paper):



Date: .........................................................................................................



3 Here you need the name of the company, postal address and - if available - telephone number, fax number and e-mail address designations.

4 Mark Provide a product or service is the subject of the contract

5 The appropriate expression describing




16. Warranty, Warranty


User event of defective performance of the product guarantee and warranty claims shall be enforceable by the Civil Code. According to the rules.




the. What may be the user's kellékszavatossági right?


User event of defective performance of the Affiliate Partner kellékszavatossági compared to assert a claim under the rules of the Civil Code.


b. What rights to the user based on the needs kellékszavatossági?


Users - the choice - the following kellékszavatossági needs may: request a repair or replacement, unless it is impossible to meet the needs of the partner or those chosen by the user for additional costs would be disproportionate in comparison with other requirements to fulfill. If the repair or the replacement has not requested or not requested any such request is proportional to the delivery of the contract or failure of the Partner's expense user can correct or corrected or else - ultimately - it may withdraw from the contract. Choosing the right kellékszavatossági also revert to another, but the cost of the transition bears the user, unless it was justified, or given to the Partner cause.


c. What can enforce time limits kellékszavatossági user's needs?


User is obliged error immediately, but not later than the failure to communicate, within two months from discovery after the discovery. However, please note that the two-year limitation period from the date of completion of the contract is no longer assert its rights over kellékszavatossági.


d. Kellékszavatossági assert its claim against whom?


User can enforce against the partner kellékszavatossági demand.


e. What other conditions have kellékszavatossági enforce their rights?


kellékszavatossági there is no need to enforce the disclosure of the defect within six months beyond the date of fulfillment of other conditions, if User certifies that the product or service offered by the Partner. However, after six months from the date of fulfillment has elapsed User is obliged to prove that the user recognized by the defect already existed at the time of the performance as well.


product warranties


f. What may be right user to the product?


In case of sale of goods (products) User error - the choice - kellékszavatossági of product or of exercise.


g. What kind of product rights based on users needs?


Product liability claims may require only a user of the defective product repair or replacement.


h. What case would constitute a defective product?


A product is defective when it does not meet the quality requirements in force in marketing, or if you do not have properties in the manufacturer's specification.


i. What period of time validate user of product demand?


User can validate product liability claim within two years of the product placed on the market by the manufacturer. After this deadline will lose this right.


j. Against whom and what kind of product demand enforce other condition?


Product liability claim may only be exercised against the sale of goods manufacturer or dealer. In case of enforcement of product failure of product demand User to prove.


k. The manufacturer (distributor) which is exempt from product liability case?


The manufacturer (distributor) will be exempt from product liability only if it can demonstrate that:

- Manufactured products among non-business activities, or placed on the market or

- The failure of science and art at the time of the offering was not recognizable or

- Failure of the product resulting from legislation or binding official regulations implementing it.

The manufacturer (distributor) the exemption is sufficient to prove a reason.

Please note that the same error kellékszavatossági of product demand and at the same time, in parallel is not enforceable. However, for the effective enforcement of product demand kellékszavatossági demand for the product replaced or repaired parts may enforce against the manufacturer.




l. What may be the user's kellékszavatossági right?


In case of faulty performance of the statutory guarantees of durable consumer goods on 151/2003. under Regulation (IX. 22.). Partner of the warranty obligation.


m. Used are based on warranty within your rights and what period of time?


The warranty period of one year, which assumes Partner. consumer goods for the consumer to transfer the warranty date, or if the installation done by the dealer or his representative, the date of commissioning begins.


n. When a partner is exempted from the guarantee obligation?


The Partner, from warranty obligations shall only be exempted if it can prove that the defect occurred after the performance. Please note that the same error kellékszavatossági and warranty claims, product liability and warranty claims and at the same time, simultaneously not claim, by the way, however, User rights arising from this warranty shall enjoy whatever privileges, as described in the product and kellékszavatosság chapters.


He. Partner not covered under warranty or a warranty from natural wear and tear as well as damages incurred after the transfer of risk from faulty or negligent treatment, excessive use or exposure other than the one specified reason or other improper use of the products have been generated.

17. In the event of warranty claims procedure


  1. the contract between the consumer and the business agreement between the parties to the detriment of the consumer provisions of the regulation can not deviate from.


  1. The consumer is obliged to prove the conclusion of the contract (invoice, receipt or even).


  1. Costs related to warranty obligations will be charged to a customer (6 Civil Code. § 166th).


  1. The Partnership reported him to the consumer warranty or guarantee claim to the Protocol is required to pick up.


  1. copy of the report shall be made available to the consumer without delay and in a verifiable way.


  1. If the Partner consumer warranty or guarantee requirements feasibility it will be the announcement of can not comment on its position - in case of rejection of the request of the grounds for refusal of the conciliation body turning on the possibility of - within five working days, verifiable way obliged to inform the consumer.


  1. The Partner is obliged to report to three years after the recording of the preserve, and present it at the request of the control authority.


  1. The partners aim to carry out the repair or replacement within a maximum period of fifteen days


18. Miscellaneous Provisions


  1. Providers must meet the contributor is entitled to be. This unlawful conduct full responsibility, as if the illegal conduct itself had committed.


  1. If any part of these Terms invalid or unenforceable jogtalanná, the remaining parts of the validity, legality and enforceability are not affected.


  1. If the right is entitled under the Service Regulations do not exercise, exercising is not considered a failure for a particular waiver. Any right of cancellation is only valid when the express written statement to that effect. The one time that the Service does not stick strictly to the Rules to an essential condition, or moor does not mean that it renounces to later insist on the particular terms or conditions to the strict observance.


  1. And Service Partner and User resolve their disputes through peaceful means trying to arrange.


19 Complaints Handling Policy


  1. If the user or partner has any complaint in relation to the contract or its performance, so the complaint WHOLESALESCAN website Hungary by telephone, e-mail address also may notify.


  1. Service verbal complaint immediately investigate and remedy if necessary. If the consumer does not agree with the handling of the complaint or an immediate investigation of the complaint is not possible, the Service Provider of the complaint and its position in connection immediately takes minutes, and hand over a copy to the consumer.


  1. The written complaint to the Service to respond in writing within 30 days. The reasons for rejecting the complainant's position. Minutes recorded the complaint and a copy of the answer to retaining the services of five years and presents it to the control authorities at their request.


  1. Informative, in the event of rejection of the complaint process for complaints by administrative or arbitration board may initiate the following contacts.


  1. recourse to the arbitration board procedure for dispute settlement service consumer.


  1. Complain to the National Authority for Consumer Protection also:


National Authority for Consumer Protection

Address: 1088 Budapest, Jozsef krt. 6th

Mailing address: 1428 Budapest, PF: 20th

GPS coordinates: X Y 19.071 47.496

Central phone: +36 1 459 4800

Fax: +36 1 210 4677

E-mail: nfh@nfh.hu


  1. Or the regional offices of:


Pest County Government Office

Technology Licensing and Consumer Protection Division

Deputy Head of Department: Dr. Koller Edit

Address: 1135 Budapest, Lehel utca 43-47.

Postal address: 1365 Budapest, Pf .: 270th

Phone: +36 1 236-3937, +36 1 236-3978, Fax: +36 1 236-3956

E-mail: fogyved.pestmegye@pmkh.hu

Customer Service (utility points):

Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 12:00, 12:30 to 16:00

Friday 9:00 to 13:00


The list of territorial bodies of the National Authority for Consumer Protection can be found here:



  1. In case you have a complaint conciliation body to turn to the possibility that contact information can be found here:



Kiskun County Arbitration Board

Address: 6000, Árpád u. 4th

Phone: (76) 501-525, (76) 501-500

Fax number: (76) 501-538

Name: Mariann Mátyus

E-mail: bkmkik@mail.datanet.hu;


Baranja County Arbitration Board

Address: 7625, Imre u Majorossy. 36th

Mailing Address: 7602 Pécs, Pf 109th.

Phone: (72) 507-154

Fax number: (72) 507-152

Name: Dr. Joseph Bodnar

E-mail: bekelteto@pbkik.hu;


Bekes County Arbitration Board

Address: 5601 Békéscsaba, Penza ltp. 5th

Phone: (66) 324-976, 446-354, 451-775

Fax number: (66) 324-976

Name: Dr. László Bagdi

E-mail: bmkik@bmkik.hu;


County: Zemplén Arbitration Board

Address: 3525 Miskolc, Szentpáli u. First

Phone: (46) 501-091, 501-870

Fax number: (46) 501-099

Name: Dr. Peter Tulipan

E-mail: kalna.zsuzsa@bokik.hu;


Budapest Arbitration Board

Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99th

Phone: (1) 488-2131

Fax number: (1) 488-2186

Name: Dr. George Baranovszky

E-mail: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu;


Csongrad County Arbitration Board

Address: 6721 Szeged, Paris krt. 8-12.

Phone: (62) 554-250 / 118 side

Fax number: (62) 426-149

Name: Dékány Laszlo Zoltan Jerney

E-mail: bekelteto.testulet@csmkik.hu;


Fejér County Arbitration Board

Address: 8000, Long Promenade 4-6.

Phone: (22) 510-310

Fax number: (22) 510-312

Name: Laszlo Kirst

E-mail: fmkik@fmkik.hu;


Győr-Moson-Sopron County Arbitration Board

Address: 9021 Győr, Szent István út 10 / a.

Phone: (96) 520-202; 520-217

Fax number: (96) 520-218

Name: László Horváth

E-mail: bekeltetotestulet@gymskik.hu;


Hajdu-Bihar County Arbitration Board

Address: 4025, Petőfi tér 10th

Phone: (52) 500-749

Fax number: (52) 500-720

Name: Dr. Zsolt Hajnal

E-mail: info@hbkik.hu;


Violent County Arbitration Board

Address: 3300, Nurseries road 15th

Mailing Address: 3301 Eger, PO Box 440th.

Phone: (36) 416-660 / 105 side

Fax number: (36) 323-615

Name: Tunde Pintérné Dobo

E-mail: tunde@hkik.hu;


Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County Arbitration Board

Address: 5000, Verseghy park eighth

Phone: (56) 510-610

Fax number: (56) 370-005

Name: Prof. Dr. Lajkonik. Judith Vígh

E-mail: kamara@jnszmkik.hu;


Komárom-Esztergom County Arbitration Board

Address: 2800, Main Square 36th

Phone: (34) 513-010

Fax number: (34) 316-259

Name: Dr. George Rozsnyói

E-mail: kemkik@kemkik.hu;


Nógrád County Arbitration Board

Address: 3100, Constitution Avenue 9 / a

Tel: (32) 520-860

Fax number: (32) 520-862

Name: Dr. Erik Pongó

E-mail: nkik@nkik.hu;


Pest County Arbitration Board

Address: 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. 2nd floor. 240th

Phone: (1) -269-0703

Fax number: (1) -269-0703

Name: dr. Charles Csanádi

E-mail: pmbekelteto@pmkik.hu

Website address: www.panaszrendezes.hu


Somogy County Arbitration Board

Address: 7400 Anna Street 6th

Phone: (82) 501-000

Fax number: (82) 501-046

Name: Dr. Ferenc Novák

E-mail: skik@skik.hu;


Szabolcs-Moson-Sopron County Arbitration Board

Address: 4400, Széchenyi u. Second

Phone: (42) 311-544, (42) 420-180

Fax number: (42) 311-750

Name: Dr. Görömbeiné. Catherine Balmaz

E-mail: bekelteto@szabkam.hu;


Tolna County Arbitration Board

Address: 7100, Arany János u. 23-25.

Phone: (74) 411-661

Fax number: (74) 411-456

Name: Tibor Matyas

E-mail: kamara@tmkik.hu;


Iron County Arbitration Board

Address: 9700, Honvéd tér second

Phone: (94) 312-356

Fax number: (94) 316-936

Name: Dr. Zoltán Kövesdi

E-mail: pergel.bea@vmkik.hu


Veszprém County Arbitration Board

Address: 8200 Budapest u. Third

Phone: (88) 429-008

Fax number: (88) 412-150

Name: Dr. László Óvári

E-mail: vkik@veszpremikamara.hu


Zala County Arbitration Board

Address: 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Petőfi street to 24th

Phone: (92) 550-513

Fax number: (92) 550-525

Name: dr. Csaba Koczka

E-mail: zmbekelteto@zmkik.hu



  1. The jurisdiction of the arbitration board to settle consumer disputes outside of court. The arbitration board is responsible for trying to make arrangements for the settlement of consumer disputes between the parties, if this is unsuccessful, the case make a decision in order to ensure easy, fast, efficient and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights. The arbitration board at the request of the consumer or the Service provides advice on the obligations imposed on consumers' rights and the consumer.


  1. competent in cross-linked to online sales or online service agreement-border consumer disputes exclusively attached to the capital's commercial and industrial chambers of the arbitration board procedure.


  1. Supplier of cooperation obligations borne by the arbitration board procedure. Within this framework, it must send a válasziratát the arbitration board for the hearing and ensure the participation of persons authorized settlements established on the market. If the registered office or place of business is registered in the county in accordance with territorial jurisdiction over the arbitration board is not operating chamber, the obligation of cooperation of the company in accordance with customer demand for a written binding agreement possibility of offering cover.

31. Other provisions


  1. The obligation to fulfill contributor is entitled to be. This unlawful conduct full responsibility, as if the illegal conduct itself had committed.


  1. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, or unenforceable jogtalanná, the remaining parts of the validity, legality and enforceability are not affected.


  1. If the right is entitled under the Terms and Conditions of Service do not exercise, exercising is not considered a failure for a particular waiver. Any right of cancellation is only valid when the express written statement to that effect. The one time that the Service does not stick strictly to the GTC to an essential condition, or moor does not mean that it renounces to later insist on the particular terms or conditions to the strict observance.


  1. Service providers and users resolve their disputes through peaceful means trying to arrange. User and the service provider is subject to the present Terms and Conditions for, by an agreement within thirty (30) calendar days during any disputes can not be settled for stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of competent jurisdiction, according to Service headquarters.


  1. Questions and comments related to the following contact can earn us: info@nagykerkereso.hu


32. Applicable law


• Fundamental Law of Hungary


• Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information Law. Act (Infotv.)


• 2001 CVIII on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services. Act (eKertv.)


• Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (Electronic Communications Act).


• XLVIII of 2008 on economic advertising activities basic conditions and certain limitations. Act (Reklámtv.)


• 45/2014 laying down detailed rules for contracts between consumers and businesses (II. 26.) Government Decree.



The WHOLESALESCAN websites using all recipients (User and Partner) states that the present Terms and Conditions and Privacy instructions should understand, they understood and accepted.



Budapest, 15 October 2016.