Only wholesalers are on the site?

No. The WHOLESALESCAN page to occur manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors, sales office, or even to support other business activities of retail services.

Only one type of activity is the wholesale WHOLESALESCAN ?

Woman. The WHOLESALESCAN 20 product categories listed on the wholesalers.

How will the country WHOLESALESCAN ?

The WHOLESALESCAN five international partners on language areas in up to more than 10 countries will be displayed until the end of this year, but our goal is no secret that by the end of next year to be present in most countries and languages.

Foreign big round will be on it?

Currently also register foreign partners, but soon targeted campaigns, calling them too.

How do I search for?

The central free word search, specific products, product groups, brand names or you can search by country, region, category and narrowing the categories can be sorted by wholesalers offer.

We recommend that you do not find a specific product, then the product name written in English, try to look for that is able to choose between international tenders.

If the WHOLESALESCAN page browser, you will only see the Hungarian great deals on trades?

No. Regardless of what language you view co our site, each site offers registered wholesalers view.

How do I know if a wholesale individuals can serve?

Those wholesalers, who are served by private individuals, they display on their profile page and a list of hits in the logo.

What is Dropshipping?

A Dropshipping is an internationally popular online sales model, which, unfortunately, only a few provide wholesale for resale.

This sales model is to not hold stocks with the webshop, but the order is forwarded to the manufacturer or wholesale, who finally fulfills the order towards the buyer. The wholesale price of the product wholesalers, retail profit margins are vested in the webshop operator.

The WHOLESALESCAN pages are the wholesalers who sell their profile dropsppingben is recognized in the result list and the logo.

How can you as wholesale (manufacturer, distributor, importer, supplier) to register on the site?

Registration IDE can be made by clicking.

What is the Partner Program?

The Partner Program Discount is available to all registrants on the site Wholesaler (manufacturer, distributor suppliers .. etc.), Who agrees to show the WHOLESALESCAN banner (logo and link) the web and social networks. As part of the partner program, we return 20% discount on the registration fee.